Sunday’s Communion Prayer
—September 4

The Great Prayer

Please pray with me.

Dear God, out of your love,
you created something out of nothing.
You breathed people into being and
filled the earth with everything we need.
You asked us to live in harmony with all your creation and yet we turned away.
When you sent prophets and laws, we listened half heartedly, wanting to follow you and yet found the way difficult.

When you sent your only son, we did not understand, he upset our tradition by claiming us with love.  He showered us with an abundance of grace and forgiveness our world had not seen.

When Jesus died, you proved the worst we could do, was never the last, and that you could take our greatest evil, and our greatest fear, death, and over come it.

God, we are in a time and place in which the worst we can do is happening all too frequently.
In this world stunned by violence and hatred, overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty, make your presence real.

Be with those who seek to bring peace in war torn streets, cities and towns.  Even though we live with relative peace in our communities, we mourn with those families in Chicago who have lost loved ones through gun violence.

Strengthen those who work for peace in Syria and other places torn by civil war.  Bless those who tend the children, the widows, and the refugees.

Comfort those who have endured tornadoes, hurricanes and fires with relief and rebuilding.

On this Labor Day weekend, we give thanks for those who work, those who wash clothes, weld metal into planes, wire overhead lights for streets and those who drive trucks.  Bless those who tend the sick and those who seek new cures. By our labor, you enrich the world.  By our labor, we find direction and purpose. We are in this world together.

As we come to this table, we remember your invitation to share in your life.  We remember you overcame pain, suffering and death.  Share this strength with those in our congregation who are ill or suffering from accidents, or who mourn.

God, you would not let death overcome the life you created. Your Son revealed himself again and again, and convinced his followers of his resurrection.
As we come to the table he prepared, may we feel his risen presence as we taste the bread and cup.  Through this meal, draw us to abide in him.

We pray these and all things in the name of Christ who lived, who died, who rose, and who reigns in power, hosting this and every feast, and we pray as he taught us:

Our Father…