Sunday’s Communion Prayer
—October 2

The Great Prayer

Dear God,

You commanded light to shine out of darkness, divided the sea and dry land, created our universe and called it good.  You made us in your image to live with one another in love.  You gave us the breath of life and the imagination to thrive or perish.

You promised yourself to us through a covenant with Abraham and Sarah, told us your purpose in commandments through Moses and called for justice in the cry of the prophets.  Through all generations you have been faithful and kind to all your children.

We praise you for taking on human flesh and living as one with us in Jesus Christ.  He told your story, healed the sick, broke down human-created barriers, and loved…loved…loved all.

On this day we are in solidarity through him with the faithful around the world. As we break bread together, we remember that we are still one body in you, even though we have different languages, cultures, and traditions, different ways of worship, praying, and praising. In solidarity we drink the cup together of hope, of new life, knowing that your will is for your people to be one body.

We pray today for all the people in your creation, particularly those who are grieving the loss of loved ones through the violence humans create.  For those who suffer, become targets, and are oppressed merely for the color of their skin, heritage or religion, grant them protection and mercy.  For those who live in privilege, inspire them to share in the gifts of creation.  Give us the courage to love one another and in this courageous love the willingness to confront those customs and cultures that keep all of us from flourishing as you intend.

We pray for healing for those who are ill, recovering from accidents or surgeries or those whose life is close to the end.  Comfort those who care for them.  For those who are traveling, bring them home safely.  For those that are always far from us, comfort them and us with your peace.

We pray now with one voice, Our Father