Sunday’s Communion Prayer—July 31

You have created something out of nothing.
You have called a people to inhabit your kingdom.
You have filled the earth with good things.
You have offered us your very life that we might live with you.
And so we give you thanks, for your blessing spill over, enabling us to bless others.

Bless this, your church, with passion for your good news and a longing to proclaim your grace.
Bless this city with compassion that we might serve the least of these among us, and so encounter you.
Bless this nation with freedom and justice for all, that every person may share abundantly in its promise.
Bless your world with eyes to see and ears to hear, so that no part of creation goes unloved or uncared for.
Bless us with faith, O God, to help live each day in the confidence of your strength and grace.

As we come to this table, we remember your gracious invitation to share in your life.  We remember your triumph over pain, suffering, and death.

Where there is pain or illness, may your healing presence abound. Where there is despair or hatred, may your love be visible.
We pray for our city and the 20 who have been shot this weekend and two who have died.  Where there is violence or distrust, may your word pierce the hearts and minds to stop such tragedies.  Show us ways to become beacons of hope.

God, we pray for the youth on the Wilderness confirmation trip. Keep them safe. Inspire them through scripture and nature that their love for you deepens. As we remember them and our own confirmation.

Give us courage to live lives worthy of our calling. Nourished by your very being, make us again into your body loving, serving, and caring for the world.

We pray these and all things in the name of Christ who lived, who died, who rose, and who reigns in power, hosting this and every feast, and we pray as he taught us: Our Father…