Prayers of the People
—September 25

God of light and life, of fire and spirit, of blossoming newness and enduring ancient ways, we gather in prayer to linger near you.
Hidden in majesty and grace, your very presence is a gift to us that spreads across our days.

Revealed in hospital rooms and at coffee shops, your connectional spirit unveils hope beyond hope.

We are drawn together by your goodness.

We are sealed by your love.

We are bound by your incarnation.

We are welcomed by your mercy. In gratitude for all this and more, we offer up every corner of our lives to you, O God.

We pray in courage, knowing that every hardship is brought before your throne.

Hear our prayers for peace: that you might be with the people of Charlotte, that protests might settle and justice might come.

In every city in America, kindle racial reconciliation, the kind that opens up hearts and minds.

We are a people who seek transformation, O God. Help us to know again what it means to love our neighbor unconditionally.

We pray for the US government, and for the leaders of our country. Be with us in this election season, and guide us toward your purpose.

Be our pillar of strength, O God.

We pray for the people of Syria, and for Syrian refugees in places far from home: we pray especially for the refugees adopted by the people of this church, and for their family and friends who are now spread across the globe.

And we pray for the people of our community:  for those who grieve, for those who are in pain, for those in the hospital, for those waiting in hope, for those celebrating new life, for those we love for whom we pray even when there isn’t anything in particular to pray for or about.

We lift our hearts, O God, as we think of the many people in our lives who are near and far, for whom we lift up prayer upon prayer.

Hear us now as we give over to you the gifts and burdens of our lives, we pray in faith and in hope.


The Lord’s Prayer….