Prayers of the People
—September 18

God of this day, of all things great and small, bless us.
Bless us as we let our spirit rise up to meet you.

Let our doing and our being be enough.
Let our very existence bear a mark of praise, praising the goodness of your creation.

Even as we cry out, acknowledging the sorrow and suffering in this life, let us catch a glimpse of your goodness—in a life renewed, a friendship blossoming, a relationship repaired, a child growing, a sibling, a parent, a loved one remembered.

Let our worry fall from our shoulders as we breathe deep your love, your peace, your understanding.

Let us dwell in your presence with gladness, let us sing to your glory with thanksgiving.

And, holding your presence as sacred among us, we lift up the hard places of this world, knowing that you hear our prayers, and our prayers unite us with those across the globe.

  • We pray today for the city of New York, again shaken up by an explosion in Chelsea.
  • We pray today for the city of Chicago, unsurprising and yet still shocked by a shooting on the Near Northside.
  • We pray today for the people of Syria, again attempting a ceasefire.

In these places and elsewhere, even in our own neighborhoods, the people of peace are pulled in many directions:
to the safety of children,
to the care of those who are injured or scared,
to the hard work of renouncing violence and hatred, racism and every kind of bigotry.

Help us and others boldly become people of peace, committing again to your call.

You call us beyond ourselves; you send us beyond our imagination; you empower us beyond our capacity and we become your agents of goodness in the world, day by day doing justice and mercy and compassion.

May it be so, God, in this chaotic and ever-changing world.

Again, O God, let our doing and our being be enough.

Help us out of the darkness and into communities of light. Bless us with enough faith, enough courage, enough vision, enough peace, and even enough wonder to stand at the trembling margin between chaos and order.

And, as we offer up our prayers to you—praying for each person, each situation, each struggle, each joy—let us know your mercy and grace, your tender hope and abiding love.

Let us lift up the prayers of our hearts to God in faith and in silence…. Amen. And with the confidence of the Children of God, let us lift up the prayer that Jesus teaches us, saying…