Prayers of the People
—September 17

Dear God, we have traveled far and wide, visited lakes and mountains, close family and distant friends. No matter how distant we are from one another and from you—in space or in our hearts—today, you have raced to greet us, welcome us, give us the finest cloak, and celebrate our return. No matter where we travel or if we forget or deny you, in all places, you have cared for us, and as we gather today, we feel as though we have come home to you.

God we give you thanks for creating our home in you.

God, we bring you our petitions and thanksgivings. Hear them as we pray.

We pray for those who flee homes, professions, legacies, security, loved-ones, and dreams for the hope to find security. We pray for refugees running from death particularly in the Mediterranean who brave fierce waters and those in Myanmar who are hated for their love for you. We pray for refugees who are imprisoned along the way. Grant they may find a place without fear of persecution or death.

We are grateful for those in this congregation who have heard your call and welcomed refugees. Bless their work and new bonds of friendship. Remind us we were all aliens in distant lands and yet were always guided by you home.

We pray for refugees with no place to call home, particularly those who have lost homes and livelihoods in storms. Grant our world may create homes for them, to settle and work and rebuild their lives.

We pray for the promise ahead of us for Kenilworth Union Church. Bless those who have dedicated themselves to teaching our children stories of old, the stories of your truth. Bless the musicians who reach into our souls with voice and instrument in ways words cannot seem to stir. Bless those who usher and greet and plan and prepare and clean and organize and all the detailed ways your people come to life as the body of Christ on this corner of your world.

God, we have been blessed with the fruits of labor through generations who heard your call to create this church. Give us strength and creativity to be good stewards, ensuring future generations will find a sanctuary to worship you, to learn of your love and become Jesus’ disciples.

We pray for those who are fragile, enduring illness and treatments, those whose lives are diming. Grant they may be relieved of their pain and healed in all the powers you possess on earth and in heaven. Calm the hearts and minds of caregivers. For those who are mourning the loss of beloved, lift the pain and heal the broken hearts. Settle us with your peace.

God, be with us when the way is dark.
When life seems cold, warm us with your breath.
When the body is weak, be our strength.
When doubts arise and fears descend, lift us from these burdens.
When we seem lost, bring us home to you.
In the fellowship of this community, guide us to confidently pray as one, saying: Our Father…