Prayers of the People
—September 11

God of every nation, God of every mother tongue, Spirit of the living God, you dwell among us in sunlight slanting through morning clouds, you saunter through our day like an early autumn breeze, you bear us up, a pillar of strength in every trouble.

In you we live and move and have our being.
Center us, O God.
Center us and give us hope.
Center us and give us peace.
Center us and show us a new beginning in this new day.

On this day of solemn remembrance, we take stock of our lives once again. We give you thanks for the ordinary rhythms of our lives, and for every day of peace, with gratitude for every day, every hour, every moment that is not disrupted by violence or terror. We stand united in hope that in every place there might be such peace that passes understanding. We pray for soldiers and leaders who routinely face the brute force of hate. We pray for families and countries caught in the crossfire.

Today, we especially pray for Syria, and for the millions of displaced people whose lives do not carry the ordinary rhythms of peace. May order return, may violence cease, may free elections be made possible, may a way forward be made known.

Help us to be faithful to your promises in our daily lives: you call us to love our neighbors, may it be so; you call us to love our enemies, may it be so; you call us to do justice, to love kindness, to walk humbly with our living God, may it be so.

Around the dinner table or the boardroom table, in the halls of high school or in the halls of congress, as we walk to the train or as we walk through the wilderness, call us to service, O God.

Let us lead, let us learn, let us be transformed, knowing that your presence hovers over every chaos, knowing that nothing —not anything in all creation—can separate us from your love.

In the presence of your love, in the safety of this holy place, we lift up to you the prayers on our hearts, in faith and in silence.

Holy God, hear our prayers. And let our voices echo across this sanctuary as we pray the prayer that Jesus teaches us saying… Our Father.