Prayers of the People
—October 9

Dear God,

How majestic is your name, the work of your creation, sun and moon and stars set in the heaven, and yet, you designed each of us to love one another and to love you.

Help us remember, we were made for this.  You inscribed in our bones the way to walk this ancient path towards you.  Our heartbeat echoes yours.  Help us remember, the heartbeat of those around us, near and far, were made by and for you.

God, we bring you our prayers and petitions for all people.

For those in Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew, help us speed relief, restore shelter, offer food, heal the sick, mourn the dead.  For those in the path of this storm, give strength to rebuild, confidence in your ability to bring new life, and the stamina to restore homes and businesses.

In all places and every day, help us stop those in our world who assault us with violent language, who degrade others through self-serving actions.  Stop those who cannot see your divine image, equally given to all your people.  Make us intolerant of bullies. Help us rise above.  And, for those who have been abused, bullied or belittled, heal them and remind them they are your precious creations.

God there are many in our hearts and homes who are in need of healing.  We pray for those who will undergo surgery, those who have been stricken with illnesses, those with powerful addictions, those whose bodies are mending.  Let your healing touch rest upon them.  Remind them, made from your majestic name, you care for each of us.

These, our hearts are yours; we give them to you, purify our love to make it like your own.

These, our eyes are yours; may we always see your world as with your sight.

These, our hands, are yours; give them strength and skill to do our work for you.

These, our tongues, are yours; may we speak your healing words of life and truth.

Our whole selves are yours; take us now and keep us yours forever more…. Our Father…