Prayers of the People
—October 30

By: Bill Steinmetz

Today, our worship themes touch on the strength of character, caring for others and prayer. We reflect on those in our time of prayer. O Heavenly Father, we thank you for the many gifts in our lives including our loved ones, our friends and worship community, the glorious colors of the season, the Cubbies, and the great country we live in. Help us to be thankful and appreciate all that we have.

Despite all our blessings, we frequently struggle with the upset in our everyday lives. All too often, health issues and pain, disappointment, disturbing news around the world and toxicity in the workplace, political arena, and our daily lives seem to overwhelm us and disturb our sense of well-being. The secular remedies commonly proposed to help us, while perhaps fun and distracting in the short term, often end up making things worse rather than better.

Dear Lord, please be with us and help us to know that despite any adversity, through and with you, we have the power to live our lives to the fullest with hope and joy. As was modeled for us in the story of Christ, please give us strength of character and trustworthiness; the ability to love, care and show concern for those outside ourselves, and the ability to stay connected with you. With your help, let us do what is right, do our best, and not be concerned about conformity with the rest.

You have blessed us with a vibrant and strong faith community at Kenilworth Union that we are so thankful for. We see you at work in our congregational care and ministry programs. Please watch over the continuance of those programs including Stephen Ministry and new resources like our “Prayer Hall” inside our east entrance which we inaugurate today. Help us to know that any thought or conversation acknowledging you is a form of prayer that allows us to stay connected with you and guide us in our lives.

God, this day, we bring you our prayers for those dear to us.  Friends and family who are facing illness, end of life, challenges in relationships.  Bring your healing power to restore, strengthen, and calm.  We pray for those who are in our hearts but away from us.  For those that travel, particularly those from Kenilworth Union who are in the Holy Land, make their journey fruitful and grant them safety that they may return to us.

Now hear our prayer based on of the words and works of Mother Teresa: “Dear God, please make our hearts receptive that we might feel your presence and understand the power of prayer. Help us to understand that prayer begets faith, faith begets love and love begets the drive toward a sense of caring, service and purpose which brings us joy and happiness in this life and beyond. Amen”

Now, let us join in the most traditional prayer Jesus taught us to pray: