Prayers of the People
—October 16

God of Gods and Lord of Lords, Holy One who meets us here: gather us in as a mother hen gathers her chicks. Give us a sense of your presence. Let the rhythm of our breathing remind us that you are as close as our very breath; and let the dark night skies, twinkling with starlight remind us that your spirit is as deep and wide as the most distant far flung star.

We come to you with sighs too deep for words; we pray without ceasing; we humble ourselves before your throne. We give you thanks today for the gift of baptism: we pray for all those who have been baptized here in this church across the decades, who are now living in every corner of this wide world and we pray for Teddy and Chase who celebrate their baptism today. Bless them and their families, and let each person grow in faith, trusting in you, and knowing that your grace, forgiveness, love, and presence are open to all, no matter who we are or where we are on life’s journey.

We pray for all who struggle to know that they are loved; for those we know who seek alcohol or drugs to numb the pain of loneliness, give them a new way, O Lord; for those we know who seek power and privilege, not for the sake of empowering others, but for the sake of themselves, turn them from arrogance to love, O Lord; and for those we know who lack the power to defend and support themselves, who are oppressed and subjected to abuse, give them a way out, a way up, an advocate to relieve them, a friend to lean on, O Lord. Make us braver than we might believe, so that we might be instruments of your peace; for with you, O Lord, all things are possible.

Unleash your blessings, O God: be with those in the deep waters, struggling to find a way forward: for the people of Syria, mothers and children shuttered in homes, fearing the next act of violence, young soldiers, growing up into warfare instead of well being, grandparents watching the world they built crumble and fade. Let your peace find a way into the cracks and crevices of the warring nations, unleashing a path toward light and life. And we pray for the places of violence in our own community: violence within families, within friendships, within relationships. Let microaggressions vanish, and a humble new path prevail.

God, we have so many people to pray for: brothers and sisters, children and parents, lovers and friends. We lift up our hearts to you now, in the safe silence of this sanctuary, to offer up the prayers of this day, to you, our rock and our redeemer.

Amen. And now, let our voices join in unity as we pray the prayer that Jesus teaches us, saying, Our Father…