Prayers of the People
—November 27

Holy One, who comes to us in darkness of night and the hope of morning sun. We gather to honor and adore you, to draw near to you, to watch and await for your presence in our midst. As we do so, as we wait and watch, draw near to us. Give us a sign of your coming peace. Give us evidence of hope. Give us reason to cling to you.

In this season of Advent, as darkness draws round and candlelight washes over us, we pray for the church across the world;

that in every corner of this globe, your light might shine;
that in places where war echoes across cavernous cities, your light might shine;
that in places where oppression lingers over communities like a fog, your light might shine;
that in places where hope is diminished and courage falters, your light might shine. Let people of faith across the world be beacons of hope. Let individuals know that their small light might make a difference in our collective joy, our collective peace, our collective hope for new life, fullness of life, life made complete.

We pray today for the ones nearest to us: those who sat around our Thanksgiving tables who we long to love in new ways; those who were too far away to join us; those whose chairs were empty this year for the first time.

We pray for those who are sick in body, mind or spirit; for those whose lives draw to a close; for those who have died; for those who are long remembered, whose absence always washes over us. Let us know hope, O God. Let us know peace. Let your presence be a balm in Gilead, a way toward fullness of life and life made complete.

As frost grows across our lawns, and ice clings to riverbed and creek, let the warm places in our lives be a reminder of every gift that you have bestowed upon us.

Let our hearts overflow in gratitude for every abundance that you provide in our lives, and let us remember again the many things for which we are grateful. Let us remember those who have little, those who need more, so that we might be called to participate in a wild abundance of love and mercy, warmth, and true generosity.

Holy God, wrap us up in the hope of this season, and hear every prayer that lingers on our heart, as we lift up to you our petitions and our prayers of gratitude, in faith and in silence.

And now, let us pray together the prayer Jesus teaches us, saying… Our Father