Prayers of the People—May 22

Celia Ross and Allie Trukenbrod                                                  9 a.m.
Jack Graham and Miller Masterson                                        10:30 a.m.


Third Grade Leader Number One

This is a place where we learn to worship God.

This is a moment when we can be still and know God.

Let us gather in prayer.

God, you call us together.

You promise to be with us.

You are with us

at school and at home

when we play sports or play with friends

when we travel and relax.

Thank you for each person here,

for family and friends,

for brothers and sisters and parents,

for mentors and teachers and grandparents.

Thank you for bringing us to a place where we know that

we are loved,

we are safe,

and we belong to you.


Third Grade Leader Number Two

God of this day and every day,

your story stretches from creation and Noah

to Moses and the prophets.

You shape our lives with the story of Jesus;

born in a manger,

walking on water,

teaching love,

showing forgiveness,

and giving us new life.

God, we promise to study your story and read scripture as we grow up in faith.

Now, we have written your commandments on our hearts.

Your psalms, beatitudes and prayers will stay with us from this day forward.

Bless us as we share your Holy Scripture.

Let your light shine in us and through us.

Be with us now,

as we join with the whole congregation

praying the Lord’s Prayer saying,

Our Father…