Prayers of the People—May 15

Holy God, even in these more-chilly hours of spring, this new day echoes a grandeur beyond imagining:

  • much to our surprise, the birds sang with the sunrise,
  • the trees blossom with that rich plum and lavender hue,
  • and the morning sunlight finally breaks through the clouds.
  • Your earth echoes hope, and it lifts our spirit.

Today, O God, we celebrate the young people in our midst:

  • graduating seniors, and hard work of sending them off to the far flung corners of the earth.

We ask that you might surround them with your love.

  • That you might know their joys and their sorrows.
  • That you might open their minds to new ideas.
  • That you might challenge them in what they study. That you might surround them with people who become lifelong friends.
  • That you might help them navigate the dark places of life away from home,
  • and do so with grace and courage.
  • Protect them from harm, O God.
  • Let them flourish.
  • Let them shine.

Holy God, our hearts, too, are filled with gratitude.

  • We are grateful for the mentors and teachers who you have placed in our lives.
  • We are grateful for the friends who have made us who we are.
  • We are grateful for our parents,
  • in all they have done for us,
  • all they have given us,
  • all they have shown us.
  • We are grateful for our brothers and sisters, who share a life with us.
  • We are grateful for our families, our neighbors, our coaches, our teammates, each of whom have stood by us day after day.
  • We are grateful for this congregation, that has shown us love and grace again and again.

God, let your light shine on us.

Give us the grace to know that you are with us, now and always.

As we enjoy the comfort of this gathered community, let us lift up the prayers that are on our hearts, in faith and in silence.

And now, with the confidence of children of God, let us pray together the prayer that Jesus teaches us, saying…