Prayers of the People
—March 26

Holy God: within our great emptiness resides a great fullness. Within our barrenness resides abundant life. Within our fruitless work resides overflowing vitality. Within what is lacking and depleted resides all that is abounding with goodness and love. This is the paradox of your presence among us. That within the dark entangled wood, we might discover you. That within the shadow we might see your light. That within the unknown and unknowing places that otherwise foster fear, we discover a wild powerful presence within ourselves that is deeply connected to your even more wild presence.

Connect us, O God. Let your wild presence invade our comfortable lives. Let your unruly spirit stand in the fray when fear overwhelms us. Let your rebellious mercy and grace overflow the boundaries of our well organized lives.

For, so easily we turn from you. So easily we hide from you. We do not do even the good that we wish to do, but instead turn toward those things that we do not want to do, those things that we know we should not do. And yet, in your great mercy, O God, there you meet us. There, you gather us up. There, you bear the weight of our burdens. There, you call us beloved.

Let us renew again these baptismal promises for us and for those we love, holy water promises that tell the truth of how you meet us: that we are yours, O God; that we belong to you in life and in death, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow; that we are a child of your covenant and belong to you always; that we are worthy of your love.

Let these promises be known in the hospital and in places of recovery, among those who are sick, and those who are having surgery. Let these promises be known as we travel and as we dwell in the rhythm of home. Let these promises be known in the hardest work and in the deep rest of sabbath. Let these promises be known, O God.

And, with the promise of your love on our heart, we lift up our prayers to you, in faith and in silence.

As children of God’s everlasting love, let us lift our voices together praying the prayer that Jesus teaches us, saying Our Father…