Prayers of the People—March 13

God, we come as a chorus of your people, singing with joy and adoration for all you are and all that you have done for us.  We come as your people with prayers, also.  In this safety of your sanctuary and in the stillness of our hearts, hear us as we offer our petitions.

Whether we spring forward or fall back, adjusting our clocks to mark time, racing to meet, and manage the sun, we humbly acknowledge our time is always in you.  Before anything existed, you were.  From your love, you brought time and space into being and all that dwells within.  As your beloved creatures, we measure our days and years in you and thank you alone for the time we are granted on earth.  You are the ground of our being, the light in our lives and our surety in any darkness.  God, we gratefully acknowledge, throughout time, you have made and kept promises.  Remind us that beyond the horizon of our lives, we can trust in your abiding care when we no longer measure minutes and hours and days.

For this constant care—We rejoice in you.

We rejoice in the blessings of abundant shelter, food, education, medical care, all the richness of rewarding work, and loving family and friends.  All honor and glory goes to you and you alone.

When our lives become difficult, health fails, dreams evaporate, relationships become broken, and our spirits fade, we pray you will remind us of your presence.  For no matter how dark our days or how long the nights, you will always care for us.  God, we know we are not always able to control what happens to us, so we pray you will help us choose to rejoice in you, always, and not in the circumstances of our lives.  As we endure and overcome challenges, teach us real and lasting joy comes from the confidence that, no matter what happens; we are connected to you and others through Jesus Christ.

God, we pray for this country.  Bind the tongues of those who seek to divide and destroy.  Give us honesty to acknowledge injustice and the need for equality.  Give us creative minds and brave hearts to enact the changes needed to calm such anger and bring unity.

God, we pray for those who need your healing touch—those who are broken in body, mind or spirit—be present with them and those who care for them.  We pray for those who are mourning, as the absence of lost loves overwhelms, let your presence settle in their hearts.

We pray for those who addictions rob them of full life—give hourly and daily courage to those in need.  God, you know the needs we harbor in our hearts and the prayers we offer without needing words.

God, we rejoice for your care for us.  Hear us as we pray with one voice.  Our father….