Prayers of the People—March 13

9 a.m.

Holy God, you awaken us to this new day. We cannot help but praise you as we hear the birds overhead, and see the early spring flowers pushing their way through the still-sleepy soil. Awaken our hearts and minds to this day, and to your presence in our midst.

For you are with us, even when our hearts are closed, or the world around us pulls us in too many directions to notice your Spirit among us. You are with us, a peace that passes understanding, a silent stillness like a deep calm pond. You are with us, in the places where our deep gladness meets the worlds greatest need. You are with us, in  perplexities and blessings, in the un-imagined brokenness and the unforeseen anguish, in unexpected visitors and unpredictable imaginings. You are with us in the newness of life, and as we watch little ones grow. You are with us as we change and become who we are meant to be. You are with us as we experience heartbreak and disappointment, as we seek new love and return to familiar places.

Do not let us out of your presence, O God. Keep us near. Open our hearts so we can hear you, again and again, calling out to us, even when we seek to push away from the mystery of mysteries that is at the heart of our knowledge of you. Give us new ways to enter into the hardest places this week. Give us chances to begin again. Help us to see that there is a way through, a break in the storm, a path towards hope.

God, gather us in. And, as we turn our hearts to you, give us the courage to pray as we ought, to pray without ceasing, to truly turn our whole selves over to you. Let us lift up our hearts to God in faith and in silence.

And now, in the presence of God, let us pray together the prayer Jesus teaches us, saying…