Prayers of the People
—March 12

Holy God, you do not abandon us; you do not leave us’ you do not let us free from your presence.

In the darkest of nights, your presence abides with us, even as we lose ourselves in the interruptions and distractions of this life—the cell phones buzzing, the emails piling up, the responsibilities rising, the to-do list persisting—even there, O God, you find us.

Be with us now, as we offer up our lives to you. Be with us here, as we sit in the holy gift of this gathered community. Be with us, O God, as we lose ourselves and find ourselves in you. For, as day breaks and the sun arises to meet another morning in your glory, we cannot help but be in your presence.

Nurture your spirit among us, O God, both here and in the midst of our daily lives—as we sit around the kitchen table, as we sit around the boardroom table, as we sit among those who are like us and those who are different from us, dwell in the diversity of our day and the diversity of our lives.

Let your peace be known at the hospital bed and when we are in bed at home in the restless sleepless night. Let your love be known in the backyard as it is in the graveyard, where life and death mingle in the joy and sorrow of this dusty world. Help us to be restless at what we have lost, at peace with what we have lost, at work for the sake of what we have lost, attentive to the ways that we wander and wander and wander across this world seeking to find and be found.

Let us find our way, O God. Let us find freedom along the way, the freedom you offer to us just as you offered it to Miriam and Moses, as they cried “let my people go.” A freedom that is found in justice and liberation, in desert places, and at the seashore. Let us find freedom in you, the one who says: I have come to proclaim good news to the poor. Let us find freedom in you, the one who says: I have come to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.

Let us find freedom in you, the one who says: I have come to give recovery of sight to the blind and to set the oppressed free. Let us find freedom as we become lost to the desires of this world, and found in the desires of your freedom and your justice and your love. Amen.