Prayers of the People—June 5

Day in and day out, you assure us of your constant care by the rising and setting of the sun and the movement of stars and planets.  You breathed such heavenly bodies into creation in ways we do not comprehend, so we stand in awe.  Your divine care gives us dependable order.  With this same creative breath, God, you gave each of us life and planted within us your divine image.  We pray you will bring our lives to the fullness you intended and your unique gifts will shine through.

Remind us, you created people on far off shores in the same loving care, dear God.  When they find the raging seas and weak vessels a better alternative than dry land for their beloved, fill our hearts with compassion and put our hands to work to bring them to safe shores.  God we pray for all families of refugees, for those who have perished at sea, for those who work tirelessly to receive the survivors and care for the lifeless bodies.  We pray for those still embarking on such a journey that they will find safe harbor.  Bless all those who work to welcome the alien and stranger…for we were all once strangers in foreign lands.

You are not a distant God, bound to heavens but willing to share in our pain, to heal us, to redeem us from all the messiness of life. We are grateful you clothed yourself in flesh to walk with us in this life in the man we know as Jesus, our savior.  We pray you will care for the more than 90 souls from this congregation who are on mission in Jamaica.  Keep them safe.  Let Christ’s love be evident in the grittiness of such labor so as they work, Christ’s love for others will grow in their hearts.  When their work is done, grant them traveling mercies.

Our city and country cries out in pain.  Words and guns are recklessly used and to lethal ends.  Remind us, we have been richly blessed with resources and equipped to become the peacemakers.  Give us the courage and practical minds to speak and act and stand for the justice, and mercy and kindness you command.

God of life, you sent your Son to show us the way from death into life. Give us such a confidence in your authority that we may surrender to you and rest in your complete freedom.  We join our voices….Amen