Prayers of the People
—June 4

Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life: At the beginning of time you moved over the face of the waters; you breathed into every living being, the breath of life. Come, Creator Spirit, and renew the whole creation. Keep us ever diligent in our stewardship of this one earth you created.

Holy Spirit, voice of the prophets: You enflamed men and women with a passion for your truth, and through them call your people to the ways of justice and compassion. May the Spirit of Righteousness burn in our hearts so we may have the courage to speak across the chasms that divide us.

Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus: By your power Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and release to those held captive. May his Liberating Spirit free us from the powers that distract us from being faithful to your word and will.

Holy Spirit, wind and flame: You filled disciples with joy and courage, empowering them to preach your word and to share your good news. You break down barriers of language, race, and culture, and heal the divisions that separate us.

Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life: At the close of the age all creation will be renewed to sing your praises and make us new creations in Jesus Christ.

God, we give you thanks that for centuries your spirit has guided the church to minister in a world that has been broken apart. Give us strength and courage to be your healing spirit in those places that are terrorized and plagued with violence. We pray particularly for the people of England. Bind the wounded. Comfort families and friends of those who grieve lost loves. Help us bring about a world without such terror.

God, in our lives there are those who weigh heavy on our hearts: those whose lives are stricken by illness, accident, and loss of jobs or dreams. We pray for those whose loved ones are in hospice. Give resurrection hope to those who have lost long loves, particularly the family of Jim Lyons.

God, we pray also for those who are standing on the threshold of new beginnings—graduations and first jobs, new homes, becoming a mother or father, retirement or just becoming open to the possibilities you present each day as a new beginning. Bless all our days and guide us to full and rich lives.

In solidarity with all those who came before us and in gratitude for the words and guidance, we join our voices praying as your son taught…