Communion Prayer—June 26

God of every little resurrection: the verdant summer solstice, the swelling thunderstorm, the earth renewed—we gather in your presence.

From our every beginning, we have seen you create us anew. You breathe life into us. You mold us. You form us, every earth-creature, from the fertile land just beneath our feet. You heal our wounds. You cradle our sorrows. You behold every deep pain. From our very beginning, O God, we have seen you create us anew.

Your goodness and mercy overflow. Every small and tremendous mistake we have made, O God, you have sent for us a radical forgiveness. For every wrong, for every hurt, for every misstep and mess that we have made, you have offered again and again pardon. You have offered mercy. You have offered peace that passes understanding. Your goodness and mercy overflow, O God.

In the fullness of time, in the depths of mercy, when no other way might light our path, you sent us Jesus. You sent us infant vulnerability, and cross-cultural welcome. You sent us wisdom made flesh. You sent us love made known. In the mystery of love, even the utter mess of human fear could not undo your presence among us. While those who feared Christ sought to kill him, Christ crucified became Christ-with-us. In Christ, death became a pathway to life beyond life. In the mystery of this love, we are invited into you, O God.

Help undo our own fear, O God. Where politics divide us, bring new unity. Where migrating neighbors change us, bring new love. Where economies shift, bring new hope. Where violence ruptures, bring new peace. Where pain undoes us, bring new rest. Where grief dominates us, bring new relief. Where life gets in the way of life, bring discernment.

In all things, O God, bring us hope, tangible hope: hope, as edible as bread.

God of this day, send your Spirit upon us, and upon these gifts of bread and cup, that the same Spirit who brought fourth love made known in flesh and mystery might strengthen us, refresh us, renew us. Recognizing that Love’s promises are also for us int his time and place, we seek tangible hope, hope as edible as bread.

And, bound together in community, we gather our voices in the prayer that Jesus teaches us, saying…