Prayers of the People
—June 25

Dear God,

Each of these summer days, you bless us with a sun that rises early and lingers late, beckoning us to play, calling us to life. We give you thanks for warming the lake, creating arrays of colors in our gardens, putting fruit on our trees and bushes, for summer festivals, long walks in the gardens, and naps in the cool shade. In these days of long sun, you are the source of life and growth. Never let us forget the strength of your love to bring life from this earth you created—and your desire to renew us each day in Christ’s grace.

We give you thanks for calling a church into being, to be Christ’s hands and feet, his voice and his heart. We give you thanks for the 125 years this church has stood as a witness to your sovereignty on this corner and for nourishing the lives of countless generations. Inspire us to continually bring your word of hope through our rummage sale, vacation bible school, daily prayers, our care for the sick and dying, our gathering to hear your word, and sing praise to you. Call us to serve. Challenge us to learn. Guide us to become what you will. Remind us of our worship and witness to you in daily life, on the train, in office meetings, at the hospital, during the daily toil. May our work be worship.

God, our country seems torn in places were politics divide. We pray for that in our country, with such abundance of resources and skills in health care, wisdom and compassion and fairness will guide decisions. We pray also for this same wisdom and courage to guide leaders in our city and state to exercise justice and mercy in decisions.

God, our world seems torn in places where politics turns deadly and children continue to die. We pray for countries in constant turmoil. Deny in us any apathy to say “not me, not now.” Demand from us the courage to do what we can to make safe those at risk.

We pray for the members of this church who heard your call to welcome a refugee family. Give them patience and persistence in the days and weeks. Grant the family traveling mercies and warm welcome into our city. Shower us with grace to open hearts and minds and communities that these beloved children of yours will flourish.

Weighing heavy in our hearts and troubling our minds are those we love who are poor in spirit, failing in body and mind, and facing difficulties of finances, work, and family. Please offer those we name silently in our heart your grace and healing.

Thank you, God, for listening when we pray. Help us to listen to you with the same patience and openness. Now we join our voices as those throughout the ages, praying…Our Father…