Prayers of the People—June 12

God, of surprises, Christ of love, and Holy Spirit blowing where you will—we praise you for the gift of life and all the ways you have blessed us. In a burning bush, you came to Moses, in the still small voice of the wind you came to Elijah, and in myriad ways you speak to us through our world.

Attune us, to your presence in our lives. Shake up our self-centeredness for us to know, it is not that you are with us, but that we are always present in you. We will never escape you, nor can we ever drift from your care.

Sometimes when we look at the world, we get so frustrated, we think a baseball bat or bullhorn might be more appropriate to get us through the day. Yet, too often these are the minor weapons of jokes that give way and give permission to more lethal means. We see violence repeated in words and actions in so many countries, all because of different stands in politics and religion. Lord, forgive our smallness of minds and hearts that betray the divine spark you breathed into us when you gave us life.

We pray particularly for those terrorized last night in Orlando and those who were not present but feel such terror. Whether we live in Orlando or other cities, such hatred infests all our cities. We grieve the loss of life. We condemn such violence. We pray for healing of the broken bodies and the fearful souls. Lord, have mercy…

In so many countries where elections have become divisive, remind us that hope continues to exist if each one of us chooses to seek to follow your will and not our own, then hearts will be transformed, your light and love will be freed to change what is blighted and corrupt. And start within us. We say the words, but as we pray this, help us realize, even our lives will be turned upside down and a new way of living will come to pass, as you promised.

We praise you for bringing home safely our IMPACT mission workers from Jamaica. Let their work be lasting reminders of your desire for us to serve one another.

We bring you also the petitions, those that weigh on our hearts, for those that are sick, in ICU’s and hospital beds, those in decline, and for all those who are caregivers. Bring healing and settle your peace around them.

As we began, you are a God of surprises, a Christ of Love and a Holy Spirit blowing with sustaining life. As we rest in you, you can make all things possible. Our Father…Amen.