Prayers of the People
—July 9

Eternal and Gracious God, from the beginning of time you have placed your children in a lovely garden, and when now we look around us, we remember Eden. With energy to sustain our metabolisms and wonders to delight eye and ear, our world reminds us that we are not alone, and do not belong to ourselves, but are given life and gift by the One wise enough to craft and protect it from the beginning until now. Every morning you awaken the sun and as it flies across the sky starlight turns green and the earth brings forth its abundance. Every evening you sew the night with stars so that we might make our way in the darkness without stumbling.

God, you are as high as the stars and as near as the air. We are humbled when we consider that from highest heaven you come close to companion us, incarnate as Jesus of Nazareth, inspirited as Holy Ghost. Sometimes you come to us as the wind that swells our sails. Sometimes you come to us as the fire that enflames our joys and our passions. Sometimes you come to us like the murmur of a dove’s song, to show a glimpse of the gentleness and beauty of heaven.

With our thanks, Lord, we also bring you our pleas for grace. Strengthen the faint-heated, support the weak. Make them to run and never be weary, make them to walk and not faint. Lift them up that they might fly with eagles’ wings.

If any are lonely, open their eyes to new friendships, even with us. If any weep from grief and the loss of one whose companionship meant life and health, walk close to them through the valley of the shadow to the overflowing cup and spread table on the other side.

Open our eyes to the bruised at the side of every road we walk that we might find Christ in every wounded brother and sister.

Lord, we pray for our nation that it might pursue just priorities, so that races might be reconciled, that the young and old might be nurtured and cherished, the hungry filled, the homeless housed, and the sick cared for.

Lord, we pray that you will comfort and empower those who face any difficulty or trial: the disabled, the poor, the grieving, and the imprisoned. Lord, for Jesus’ sake, hear our silent petitions . . .

Lord, shape us day by day into new creations in Christ. May we pray as we breathe, until all our acts are prayer. And hear us as we pray the prayer Christ taught…