Prayers of the People
—July 30

Dear God, gather us in, the lost and lonely, the faithful and the doubting, the fervent and the apathetic. Gather each of us into your arms and hold us for these moments while we give you thanks for the delights in our lives and confide those troubles that nag us.

God, thank you for the comforts of shelter, nourishing food, employment, and security. We enjoy all these delights in life and are aware that others struggle each day for some sense of security. Thank you for the extravagance of family and friends who love us, for communities where lives flourish, warm summer days, cool breezes, and refreshing waters. May we never take for granted all the ways our lives are filled with such goodness.

Thank you God for the blessing of children, those tiny, those older, those generations beyond. We are grateful we give them to your care through baptism in this life and to hold them in life eternal. Help us to know the limitlessness of the love we feel for them is surpassed only by the love you have for us.

We pray you will hold our youth safe who are traveling in the Boundary Waters for confirmation. May they be awed by your presence in nature and within their lives. Bring them safely home to us.

God, you tell us not to be afraid of what the future holds, not to worry about tomorrow, but you know this is difficult. For there are so many things, our families, our friends, our circumstances that we value but seem at risk. Some who love are failing to illness, addiction, or careless behavior. Jobs are tough. Relationships can be fraught with tensions. Our choices to follow Jesus’ teachings or give in to the easy fix weigh heavy in our hearts but not often enough in our minds. Some of our worries are for trifles that we should just cast off. We come before you this day with these big and tiny worries, and with confidence we know we can lay them all at your feet.

Our world erupts with continual violence in towns that are continents away and in our own backyard. We know people in our world are treated as less than human, exploited, tortured, helpless, and abused—women, children, those that are different, those that are beautiful and brave. Shelter those who are marginalized from the terrors that seek to limit their lives.

God, we know that you are concerned with every aspect of our lives and in the privacy of our hearts we lift them to you now…