Prayers of the People—July 24

O Greater Light, we praise you for the lesser lights that borrow their sheen from your glory

—the red disk of fire at sunrise over the lake, or the molten gold of sunset

—the softer, silver gleam of moonlight, and a dust of starlight across a black velvet night.

—a popping campfire, or a dancing Christmas candle

—a flickering firefly, or a jagged lightning bolt.[1]


We give you thanks for sharing your very self with us in Jesus born of Mary, God of God,

Light of Light, Very God of very God.  We promise to try to become reflections and

refractions of that brilliance which can drive all dark away if we will only let it and live it.


We give you thanks for every good gift that brightens our days:

For a loud but life-giving thunderstorm that brings green to the landscape.

For the flourishing earth at the zenith of summer, rushing toward

harvest and bursting barns.

For the long faithful witness of Ruth Jones, born in 1912, before there were

any traffic lights, and with us all this time.


For the promise of new life in the person of Phinney Poor Bennett.

Bless her with long life and loud laughter.

Multiply the joy of Father Tucker and Mother Meakin,

and the pride of grandparents Hope and King.


Bring the peace of Christ to corners of the world riven by violence.

Calm anxieties and mend broken hearts in Munich after another instance of terror there.

Also bring your light to the darkness closer to home in our own city.


God, in Jesus of Nazareth, we have beheld your glory, glory as of a father’s only son,

full of grace and truth.  Send us his Spirit, that we may become, in turn,

instruments of that same grace and truth.









[1]The first paragraph of this prayer was inspired by T. S. Eliot’s poem “Choruses from the Rock.”