Prayers of the People—July 17

Oh God, in our lives we are bombarded with words and ideas, some filled with hate and rage, some that deceive, and some just plain silly.  We gather in your sanctuary that we might silence all the words but yours, that in hearing we might recognize again your truths, unchanged from the dawn of time, of your love and your grace.

We struggle to come to terms with a world so tolerant of death, so callous towards your people.  We sit in horror, week after week, of those who are willing to die in the name of hate.  God, remind us, we are to follow Jesus, who taught us to live in love, and who was willing to die so that your love might be revealed.

We pray for the people of France and all those who grieve the tragedy in Nice.  We are grateful for the courage of those who halted the killing and for those who rescued the injured.  We are grateful for people across the world who stand in solidarity to condemn such violence.

We pray for the nineteen who were shot in Chicago over this weekend.  In the consistent carnage, don’t let us become immune or believe it is beyond our capacity to change in our home city.

We pray also for the people of Turkey who emerged in the dark of night to risk their lives to ensure democracy and rule of the people will survive.  Grant an extraordinary measure of your peace to people in those bloody cities and calm anxious hearts.

We are grateful for the transition of power in Great Britain.  Let us not take for granted the peaceful means by which a new leader emerged.  We pray for our own country as we proceed in national elections that voices of unity and a desire to serve the common wealth will prevail.

God, you know and we know, rummage is very messy and rummage is very holy.  You stirred within so many people the desire to serve—some in small ways and others with tireless commitment.  Thank you for the fair weather and community spirit through which we can serve the lost, the least and the lonely.

We pray for those who hurt and those who heal.  Rest your peace and comfort among those with injuries and diseases of the body as well as the injuries and dis-eases of the spirit.  Do not let them feel alone.

We give you thanks for those who heal, who build up others’ spirits, who tends another’s wounds, for those who remain when there is nothing else to do but be present.


Thank you God, for listening to our prayers.

When you speak, help us listen for your word and will in our lives.

By your Spirit lift us from doubt

and set our feet in Christ’s holy way,

that our lives may be signs of his life

and that all we have may show forth his love.  We pray as he taught…