Prayers of the People
—July 16

God, we thank you that you set within us dreams to dream and before us hills to climb.  You give us desires to be uniquely what you created us to be and in nurturing these dreams into reality, we become witnesses of your diversity, and stewards to care for your creation.

We also live with personal challenges and social challenges, in relationships with people of our choosing and people not of our choosing.  Some who love and comfort us and others who push and confront us.  Somehow through this web of people, all created in your divine image, we are to know you and know ourselves.  Somehow through this web of relationships, we are held and helped by you.

In our relationships, we thank you for bridges to build and commitments to sustain.  And, we are grateful when you nudge us to let go of grievances and push us to abandon prejudices.  God, invite us to live into your dream of being children of your earth, able to love and be loved, forgive and be forgiven.

God, you were present in those dropping off donations, all those who sorted and displayed donations.  You gave us laughter in wondering what some things were in housewares, delight in the reuse someone would find in a garment, and sorrow as we recognized some things that were precious to those now gone.  You were in all and all things.

On the days of Rummage, you blessed us with good weather and a lively spirit among all who entered this building.  God, we are so grateful to the many hands and hearts who labored to your glory.  We are grateful you drew us together in common purpose.

We who have been given so much, pray for those who are in want.  Want of safe shelter, nourishing food, healing from injury and illness, and fulfilling work.  We pray particularly for those whose homes are torn in violence in this community, our city, state, country, and the world.

Jesus, most patient and kind, look upon this your church;
where there is confusion, grant guidance
where there is division, grant understanding
where there is blindness grant vision
where there is weakness grant strength
so that, living in your light and relying upon the power of the holy spirit we may be witnesses to a world that does not know or love you.

Now we pray, joining our voices as one.