Prayers of the People
—February 5

God of blue skies, of the morning breeze, of the winter chill, of the songs of joy:

we praise you,
we worship you,
we love you.

You put a song in our heart,
and a prayer on our lips.

You know our every need,
and you turn toward us as we turn toward you.
Every tenderness,
every strength,
every part of our lives belongs to you, O God.

Today we pray for the ones we love:
for those who we see often,
and those who live lives far from here;

for those who are easy to love,
and those who we love despite
the struggle and pain;

for those whose lives are healthy and full,
and for those whose very bodies are vulnerable, enduring every kind of woundedness.

Let your love prevail, O God.
Let your healing mercy cover those who are in pain.
Let your gentle spirit bind every one we hold dear.

Hear us, O God.
Hear us as we pray for the burdens of the world:
for the places where violence persists,
and for those who see no way out;

for the places in the world
where violence remains hidden,
and for those who harbor
the guilt and pain of secrets;

for the places in the world
where people pursue a costly peace,
and for those whose life’s work
is sacrifice upon sacrifice.

We pray again for the refugees of the world,
for those whose hope for new life
is renewed this week,
and for those who wait in hope
for a way toward safety,
restoration and a just peace.

Equip us, O God.
Give us the gifts of compassion and truth,
the ways of courageous faith
and bold action for your sake.

Help us encounter the brokenness of this world with candor, so that we might know the work toward which you call us, so that we might walk the path of goodness and mercy that you set before us.

We know that you do not call us to inaction in the face of injustice, but instead to be your hands and feet in the world, participating in your vision of the Kingdom of God.

In your mercy, we offer up this time of silence for the sake of your still quite voice among us: let us know your love, let us hear your spirit among us.

And now, with bold hearts, let us pray the prayer that Jesus teaches us… Our Father…