Prayers of the People
—February 26

You seem wrapped in dizzying mountain heights, blinding light and obstructing clouds.  When we encounter you, it is so frightening.  And yet, each time you tell us, “do not be afraid” and then you teach us how you love.  Whenever you speak to us, you assure us we have nothing to fear.  Help us to open our hearts to you, to trust Jesus’ word and to delight in the life you have given us.

God, you are found in dizzying mountains and blinding lights, but also the very breath we breathe.  You are the crimson of the hummingbird and the grace notes of music.  Remind us we find you everywhere we look and in every person we meet.  We are not to be afraid.

God, we bring you our joys and concerns.  “Thank you” is insufficient for the gifts you have given us of this day: family and friends, and the comfort of shelter and nourishment.  We praise you for we are fearfully and wonderfully made in your image.  In this moment of silence, we give you thanks for the unique ways you have blessed us.

God, we lift our prayers for the world.  With so much unrest, distrust, conflict, and violence, we can only wonder if we acted as we prayed, would we bring about a pause, a reconciliation or an attempt at peace?  God, guide us and teach us, and when we fall short, prop us up to restore mercy and justice in the torn and ravaged places.

In our homes and circle of friends, we speak to you of our concerns for those who are suffering:  grief from the death of a bright light, concern for mental and spiritual health, those recovering from accidents, those in treatments and healing from illness.  Cover them with your peace and bring your healing presence to mend and renew.

God of the mountaintop and of the plain, we remember today how your light shined on Jesus.
Glorious, mysterious, and shimmering with light, you know our hearts, our triumphs, and our disasters.
Take us as we are; love us as we are; join with us and transform us into your holy ones.

Now we join our voices….