Prayers of the People
—August 27

By Kristin Camorlinga

Let us pray.
Almighty God, gracious father,
In the height of summer’s glory and the solar eclipse,
keep us humble.
In the presence of all people’s needs,
make us compassionate and caring.
Give us faith in our praying and love in our serving,
Knowing that by your power all may find joy
In living and a silver lining in adversity.

We pray for all who struggle now in life’s storms
And in particular for those who have suffered
Great loss in Hurricane Harvey’s path.
We also ask you Lord to protect our military and
Comfort the families and friends
Of the sailors who have died or are still missing
After the U.S.S. John S. McCain accident at sea.

Oh, loving protector and God, we pray for peace.
Let our world leaders make wise decisions
In the face of intimidation and aggression
By seeking your counsel oh Lord.