Prayers of the People
—August 14

Dear God,

You warmed the hard, winter earth and slowly nurtured life from death. Those barren months are but a memory as the summer sun draws the corn taller and the tomatoes riper. Your divine power is evident in this common, dependable order in this life. With this same creative power, God, we pray you will bring our lives to the fullness you planted deep within us.  Give us the patience to allow our lives to unfold. Give us confidence our lives will flourish in your care.

God, you not only create, but also sustain us by your word and the spirit.  As this gathering of your faithful strives, stumbles, and seeks to worship you in our work, we ask you to sustain us with a spirit of humility. You are our guide. Inspire us with your spirit of creativity so we may become far more than we imagined.

Prophets of old called Israel to be just, merciful, and compassionate for all people. Turn us from a passion for weapons and power toward a reverence for human life. Keep us from killing too easily, ignoring hunger, and hiding in false justice.

You are not a distant God, bound to heavens but willing to share in our pain, to heal us, to redeem us from all the messiness of life. We are grateful you clothed yourself in flesh to walk with us in this life in the man we know as Jesus, our Savior. As your judge of our lives, he asks only that we leave our life of sin and walk in the ways of his grace.

We give you thanks for the gift of new life, for births into life and new birth into the body of Christ.  Help us teach these new lives of your promises and your abiding presence.

Hear our prayers for healing for those who are suffering. Hear our prayers for those who are alone, hungry, or sick.

God of life, you sent your Son to show us the way from death into life. Give us such a confidence in your authority that we may surrender to you and rest in your complete freedom.  Amen