Prayers of the People
—August 13

By Karin Balsbaugh

Our Father who are in heaven, we thank you for another glorious summer day. We have gathered in this house of worship because members of another faith were willing to share their synagogue with us. Dear God, we thank you for finding this place of worship.

We have come to this church this morning because we know we need the inspiration and love we find here to enable us to jump into our next week. While we so often pray for our immediate needs, when we come together as a community of faith, we remember to pray for others. We remember others from Kenilworth Union Church who have needs, who are facing an illness, job loss or struggling with family issues.

We pray for the men and women who govern our city, state, and country. May they seek justice and compassion as they consider legislation. We thank those men and women who protect us whether police, firemen or soldiers. We pray for the larger world that so often seems troubled. Please help the people in Charlottesville find harmony. May all the leaders throughout our world be mindful of the people they serve.

We thank all the volunteers who generously seek out and help those in need. A special blessing on the three refugee families who have been or are being supported by our Church members.

How can we best thank God for the peace, comfort, and love we have. We need to reach out to others. We will best serve God by serving our fellow man. We are drawn here to worship so that we can go out and serve. Help us be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need. A simple smile or loving hug can boost both your spirit and theirs.

We are grateful that your continued care guides and comforts us. Even Jesus sometimes felt overwhelmed and needed to call on his Father for strength.

We too can turn to you for strength. Jesus was no stranger to fear, loneliness, pain, and anguish. He felt it all. Those are the shared experiences of all of us as human beings, but with his help we can find peace and comfort.

Many of us face troubles that can leave us puzzled, worried, angry or sad. We may feel like the pieces of a puzzle before they are assembled into a complete picture. But God is always there. He can take our burdens of life…the pain, the grief, the worry and make it into something beautiful and whole. God we lay before you our burdens of life, the worry, the pain and ask you to make it into something beautiful and whole.