Prayers of the People
—April 30

Draw near to us, O God, as we draw near to you. Let even the rhythm of this rain sustain us, so that today we might dance, measure by measure, to the beat of your love.

For today, we sing a new song, a new ancient song, that echoes here, as it has in countless sanctuaries across the ages. Connect us under the gift of music, so that we might know true praise. Connect us under the gift of music, so that we might tune our lives to rhythm of your Holy Spirit. Connect us under the gift of music, so that when we depart from this place, the music of our hearts might become part of your great song, which pulses through all creation.

Let us, with courage, make a joyful noise to you, O God, grateful for the gifts of this life: friendship and family, community, and a sense of hope. Bind us together, Lord, with chord and arpeggio, with sonata and symphony, with the short staccato and long legato that join us in a common song.

With equal courage, O God, we bear our songs of lament in this holy house, singing sorrow under the heavy burden of loss and grief, pain and the mystery of an unknown future. Let each musician be a balm in Gilead—a healing melody emerging in a community of care, a brotherhood, a sisterhood of love. Do not let us sing alone, O God, and let no solo go unaccompanied, for we need the comfort and tender concern of this church that bears one another’s burdens.

And finally, O God, guide our feet as we sing your song of freedom: like Miriam and Moses, we long for a day when all might dance to the music of liberation. Yet, across the many empires of your creation, freedom is held in check, human rights are diminished by injustice, a lasting peace is eroded by indifference, liberty is curbed by oppression, and fair trade cheapened by a costly greed. Forgive us the ways we participate in the song of oppression, and turn us toward the sweet sound of freedom and justice, compassion and new life.

Here in this sanctuary of sound, let even the music of silence be a gift of praise and prayer, as we bring to you the prayers of our heart, in faith and in silence.