Prayers of the People—April 24

God of this fine day, God of one more morning, one more hour, one more chance to praise you. We give you thanks today. We offer our gratitude for flowers that bloom, for birds that sing the sunrise, for dogs that cajole us out of bed, and into the bright spring morning. In the morning light, your creation echos your goodness, and sings hymns of praise with every tree that sways in the breeze, every wave that rolls up on the beach, every blade of grass that tilts toward the sun.

We bless you that we are awake and aware, and free to praise you. We are bound up in the family of Christ, here in this place, and with every Christian in every land, worshiping in their mother tongue, as we do ours. With gladness, we are part of your pattern and purpose.

In these days of resurrection hope, we lift up, O God, every worry. We need you. We need your presence to wrap around us, and those we love. We pray for those whose plans have been frustrated; give them hope. We pray for those whose journey has been upset; show them a new way. We pray for those who return to places that stymie their healing; offer them a way out. We pray for teenagers who stand in the wild wilderness between childhood and adulthood; give them safe, authentic, and courageous places to find out who they are in this world. We pray for parents who watch a world surround their children that is vastly different than the one in which they grew up; give them energy, intelligence, imagination, and love in the work of parenting. God, you are with us in our every doubt, in each deep concern, in our unspoken heartache. Let us know you, let us seek you, let us cry out to you, O Lord.

We pray for those who are in the hospital, and those who are back in the hospital; give them patience, surround them with wise caregivers, and we dare to pray, take their pain from them, O Lord. We pray for those who are in recovery from addiction, and those who struggle still with the cravings of substance abuse; surround them with friends and family who can fearlessly stand in the fray, and offer them the hardiness and fortitude to live life beyond the slavery of substance. Let your goodness be made known, O God, in the smallest of miracles, and the signs of hope that follow us by day, and surround us even in the darkest of nights.

We pray all this O Lord with the confidence of children of God, as we gather our hearts and minds in the prayer Jesus teaches us, saying, our Father…