Prayers of the People
—April 2

Lord of all that is silent and all that is spoken, because our lives are full of detail and deadlines, much to be done and little time in which to do it all, we make little time to savor the beauty of your world, to appreciate the rebirth of spring, to ponder your divine mystery, or our relationship with you.

God, in this season of Lent, help us shed those parts of our lives that distance us from you and one another.  All the trappings of success or adornments that distract others from seeing who you created us to be.  Help us to find our true substance.  Reward our humility as we realize how wonderfully made we are and completely dependent upon you and others.

Our lives at times reflect your loving presence, and at other times the days feel loveless and lonely and lost. Yet in all things, you do love us—lavishly and without reservation—and you plant within us the seed for loving others. Nurture that seed within us, we pray.

God who makes all things in love, we offer thanks to you for the blessings of family and neighbors. New friends and new members.  We give you thanks for this church that has stood as a witness to your goodness for 125 years, that has nurtured the faith of so many and shared the gospel news.  Bless these new members and all members that we grow as the body of Christ, willing to risk new ventures to thrive for another 125 years.

All children are your beloved creations and we grieve with the families of those who died in gunshots, those who have been killed and wounded in reckless highway shootings.  Remind us we are to care for others as you care for us.

Hear our prayers for all who are ill and who suffer in these days, especially those with cancer, diminished memories, broken from accidents, and those we name to you in silence.  Touch them with your peace and help us to be arms of compassion, strength and hope to them.

We ask your peace with all who mourn. May we all have comfort in knowing that indeed you have prepared a place for all who live as your children.

For these and all of our prayers we offer to you in his name.