Prayers of the People—April 10

Great God of Glory and Grace, in the strong name of Jesus hear our prayers of praise and petition.  When it comes to finding voice for our thanksgivings, Lord, we hardly know where to begin, for blessings like showers fall round us.

We give thanks for the promise of spring:
For the lengthening day,
the sharper light,
the warmer sun,
the greener earth,
the fragile flowers of early spring,
a quickening breeze from the middle of Lake Michigan


We give thanks for the commitment of our Confirmands:
for the scriptures they’ve studied,
for the faith they’re beginning to forge,
the puzzles they’ve pondered,
the questions they’ve asked,
the misgivings they’ve confronted,
the friends they’ve made,
the discipleship they’ll promise.


For all the faithful folk who’ve nurtured them to this milestone on the journey;

For the parents who taught them table grace and bedtime prayers;

The math teacher who taught them to multiply and divide;

The Sunday School teachers who taught them about Noah and Sarah and Moses and David and Mother Mary;

The mentors who have offered to be a quiet presence in their Christian pilgrimage;

With our thanksgivings, Lord, we bring too our petitions.


For our neighbors in need of the full measure of your healing grace.


For friends bereft of those they’ve loved and lost.  For Sally Volkert-Bissell in the loss of her husband Walter.  For the heartbroken who can sing only sad songs in a land where there is always one too few.


For the lonely, the confused, the misunderstood.  For those known better to you than to us, Lord, hear our prayer.  In the name of Jesus, who taught to pray…