Pastoral Prayer – February 2, 2014

Prayer on Gospel Sunday at the 10:30 Service

Gracious God we open our hearts and minds to you this day.  We are full of such joy today as we sing songs of praise, as we hear songs of joy, as we hear your message to us, your saving message.  We thank you Lord for all the blessings of life that you have given to us.  The blessings of song, the gifts that you have giving so bountifully to each of every one of us – gifts that you call us to use each in our own way.  Encourage us as we feel you love, as we feel your spirit moving in this service of worship today, as we feel your presence in our daily lives, as we take time to be silent, to be still in order to better hear your voice speaking to us.

We thank you dear Lord for the experience of today’s worship; as we share the enthusiasm, the love, and the sense of your presence deep within our very souls, we ask that you guide us, that you direct us, and help us to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are in need; brothers and sisters here in our congregation; brothers and sisters in the community; brothers and sisters that we work with – We pray for those who are in special need this day – prayers of healing and thanksgiving for those who are sick and heavy laden – those who are depressed and lonely, help us to reach out each in our own way with a phone call, a card; help us dear Lord to care for those others who are less fortunate, those who go to bed hungry, those who do not have adequate shelter, help us to pray and care for those who are out of work, those who are experiencing financial hardships.  Each and every one of us can help one another through our support, our prayers, and through our love.

In this congregation, in this our community of faith, we are the beneficiaries of so many blessings, blessings God gives us each and every day – help us to share our blessings.  We know that all of our blessings come from you dear Lord, and that your ultimate gift to us is the gift of your Son our Lord, Jesus the Christ, who came so that we might have life and have that life abundantly.  It is in his name that we pray this prayer and all our prayers.  Amen.