Prayers of the People—April 3

Dear God,

We find ourselves in the locked doors of ourselves just as the disciples were behind closed doors. We too are afraid, perhaps for different reasons than theirs. Sometimes we are afraid of what others might think.  We are afraid of what we can become if we were to live boldly.  Maybe we are afraid of you.  We too need the breath of the Holy Spirit to take away our fears so that we can become fully alive and unlock those doors that separate us from this beautiful world you created.  Help us feel your presence.  Comfort us with the assurance you are always with us.

Too often, we are like Thomas with our questions and our doubts. We sometimes need to see in order to believe.  Give us confidence when we see the bursting buds of color on trees and in daffodils, you are able to bring new life from what was barren.  Assure our faith through these constant reminders of your divine power and presence.

God, just as the world was frightening to those disciples, we too live in a world fraught with violence, and unrest.  In this city alone, our youth are senselessly killed day in and day out, and we claim to be powerless to stop the use of guns and weapons.  We pray for courage and compassion to unlock our doors, our bureaucracy, our stale policies, and move boldly to bring peace.  Convict us of indifference and compel us to create peace for all your children.

God, in the peace you breathed upon the disciples, breath that peace into those who are struggling with fragile health, troubled minds, broken relationships or lost dreams.  You alone possess the power to bring about peace when our future seems uncertain.  Help us to turn to you, just as Thomas confessed you as his Lord and his God, that we may boldly claim you as savior of our lives.

God we thank you for the blessing you have given us, the ones who believe without seeing.  May the doors of our church be open to all and that doubters be welcomed here and be inspired by faith.  We praise you for the saints before us who have believed and those with us today whose lives are lived as witnesses to you.  We join our voices with those through the ages who have prayed as Jesus taught….