Silvi Pirn’s Pastoral Prayer – August 25, 2013

In the words of Rev. Ted Loder, “the prayers we say shape the lives we live, just as the lives we live shape the prayers we say; and it all shapes the kingdom, which expresses itself in and among us…”  Let us pray

Thank you Holy One,

For life.
For this sacred season:  gentle lapping waves, glorious summer hues, persistent insect choirs, garden fresh produce.
For the moments we know we are alive and know you are with us.

Draw us into you, God, for the coming change of seasons.  Protect our children and make them hungry for the knowledge you send us and others to teach them.  Prepare our ministers, Board of Trustees, volunteers and staff to lead another year in the life of our church.  Fill our hearts with joy and enthusiasm to gather, worship, learn, teach and love one another in your name, Lord.

Shine light and love, God, on those who face darkness today.  Grant your blessed assurance to those who know the shame of family dysfunction and divorce.  Grant comfort and rest to those who are weary and whose bodies are wracked with pain.  Grant soundness of mind and clarity of purpose to those who face difficult decisions.  Grant your grace to those with terminal illness, courage to those struggling with addiction and steadfastness to families and friends who care for them.  Grant your holy and unending solace to those who mourn, God.  And bring a peaceful end to the fury of lethal violence that washes into homes, across cities, and through nations.  Protect those in war-torn regions who know nothing of your peace this day, God, holding especially close the people of Syria, whose crisis claimed hundreds of innocents in a chemical attack this week.

Remind them and remind us of your eternal love, eternal glory and eternal promise, and help us remember that each of us is an instrument of your holy purpose and that we are divinely connected to one another in these burdens and sorrows, just as we are connected in abundant life.

Hear our voices, divine creator, as we pray in unison the prayer Jesus taught us…