Spotlight on Rummage:
Giving an Hour or a Day or a Week or More

(Pictured above are the Gooden Family, Jeff, Graham, Stella, and Gina)

Gina Gooden wants you to volunteer for Rummage even if you have only an hour to give. Or an hour a week. Or an evening a week. Or a week between now and Friday, July 16. Or more.

She wants you to volunteer whether you’ve never even set foot in a rummage sale or if you’ve done it before—if you know what to do or if you have no clue. She welcomes volunteers of all ages, whether they are 10 or 90, or somewhere in between.

Gina is in charge of recruiting and placing volunteers for Kenilworth Union Church’s annual and immensely popular Rummage Sale. With two young children (who have often accompanied her as she works Rummage), she knows first hand that everyone is juggling busy lives.

That’s why she stresses that Rummage is flexible. If you can spare some time for Rummage—even a small amount—she will find a job for you. She’d love for you to sign up in advance (by emailing her). But she also welcomes drop-in help during the weeks volunteers are sorting through donations.

Many people have already signed up for rummage; more than 50 people came to the Rummage Welcome Coffee May 9 (below) and many others are also on board.


But Rummage takes even more volunteer power; she estimates the church needs 20–40 new volunteers this year to handle the load.

A particularly acute need right now is for people (or groups of people) to chair several key departments: boys, girls, infants, shoes and hats/scarves/purses. Some people may be reticent to sign up for fear that heading a department is too big a job. That’s why she urges people to enlist a friend or group of friends to chair a department together—which spreads out the work and makes it more fun. She may even be able to find someone to co-chair a department with an interested volunteer.  Just contact her.

So when do most rummage volunteers do most of their work?
•    On Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m., and on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to noon, for the period between June 9 and July 5.
•    On the two days of sale: July 14 and 16.

What do volunteers do? Among many other things, they set up and take down rummage tables, shelves, and display areas. They sort through donations, price them, hang them, check them, and display them. They schlep donations from the central sorting area to the different departments. They post yard signs and flyers advertising the sale. During the sale, they greet shoppers and sell snacks to them, answer questions and collect money and bag purchases. They help representatives of the Church’s Outreach agencies participate in the blue bag program. And they find ways to productively distribute what’s left over when the sale is over.

What’s in it for the volunteers?

“We know that our time and effort is not only raising funds for our Outreach agencies but is also providing low cost items to people who need them,” Gooden said. “There’s a sense of community that builds among Church friends. And there’s knowing, at the end of the day, that you’re part of something that’s very special to our community.”