Outreach : Rummage Sale

At the core of Outreach at Kenilworth Union Church is a commitment to serving others. One of the ways the Church contributes to Outreach is through the annual Rummage Sale.

Each July, Kenilworth Union Church is filled with donated items for sale. Then the doors are opened to the public to shop at the premium presale and on regular sale day. Thousands of shoppers attend each year, purchasing lovely items at modest prices, helping make the event a success.

Proceeds from the sale are donated to social service agencies that have been selected for ongoing support through Kenilworth Union’s Outreach program. These agencies make a difference in a diverse range of causes.

Rummage’s mission is threefold: Outreach, Fellowship and Recycling. By working together in a fun and social environment, collecting, sorting, pricing, and displaying recycled merchandise for sale at a reasonable cost, we achieve a common goal of providing funds for Church’s Outreach agencies. And, we help people obtain items needed by their families at reasonable prices.

How can I get a head start on the Rummage Sale?

Come to Premium Presale when, to get maximum choice from Rummage’s fabulous offerings, customers pay a 50 percent presale premium.

How can I support the Rummage Sale?

* Volunteer – Rummage needs you! It takes more than 300 volunteers to operate the sale each year. Help sort and prepare items for sale in late spring and early summer, assist customers at the sale in July, or help tidy up afterwards.

* Donate – Clean out your clutter, share lovely items you haven’t used in years, help others – and get a tax deduction.

* Shop – Come shop to your heart’s content, getting great bargains and wonderful merchandise, all while supporting good causes. Shop on either Premium Presale Day or Sale Day—or both.

For more information, please contact Kenilworth Union Church or click on the button below.