It’s A Win, Win!

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,Karin

In the first week of collecting, sorting, organizing, and displaying, our rummage volunteers logged in almost 1,000 service hours. Just a few more weeks and everything that has come in our doors will be going out again. Recycling at its finest.

We are all directing our efforts toward Saturday, July 18. This total volunteer project brings together Kenilworth Union Church members and rummage “groupies” in a combined force that boosts the Christian Outreach commitment of Kenilworth Union. The work done during the next month is directed toward helping others by offering clothing, household items, sporting goods, furniture, toys, and more at less than reasonable prices. Volunteers are the helping hands for others who are less fortunate. In the process of filling the bucket for others, we fill our own bucket. It’s a win win.

So if you can spare a few hours on Monday, Thursday, Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings, we would love to have you join our team. This is a mission trip right at home. No Stanley Cup, but lots of love.

Karin Balsbaugh
Rummage Chair