Rummage Spotlight: Inside Information

by Susan O’Connor

Between June 4 and July 19 this year, Kenilworth Union’s annual rummage will raise cash for community outreach by recycling good quality, usable items and selling them to shoppers who repurpose, reimagine, and gratefully reuse the donations. Hundreds of Kenilworth Union Church members and community volunteers will give their time and talents in this marvelous seven-week-long ministry of rummage. As volunteers enjoy both fellowship and feelings of satisfaction, they simultaneously will help the Church fulfill its mission to help and serve others and make a definite difference. The generous donations from members and their friends and colleagues keeps as many items as possible out of the landfill and ultimately makes this eco-friendly event possible. Over the next several weeks we’ll acquaint you with several more department chairs that are part of the remarkable ritual and give you the chance to get a bit more inside information.