Welcome to Outreach at Kenilworth Union Church

What Is Outreach?
Kenilworth Union Church is committed to serving the greater community in meaningful ways. Through Outreach, we share our time, and resources with those in need.

Each year, Kenilworth Union makes small grants ($5,000 – $12,000) to approximately 40 not-for-profit benevolence agencies. In addition, our volunteers participate in various service programs, projects, or events at many of the supported agencies.

How Are Benevolence Agencies Selected?

Agencies supported by Kenilworth Union must meet minimum criteria. All selected agencies align with our goals to support children and their education, emergency services, physical and mental health, or agencies that provide a range of services to a particular impoverished community. The agencies must have audited financials in addition to one or two Church member liaisons. A diverse range of agencies are selected each year during a formal review process run by the Outreach Committee. Almost all of the agencies are in the Chicago area. Kenilworth Union occasionally supports an international agency where there is active involvement with members of the congregation.

Where does the money come from to fund the Agency Grant program?

The funding from this program comes from four sources:
• Stewardship — 10% of members’ contributions fund Outreach
• The Rummage Sale
• The Annual Benefit
• Proceeds from sales of the Day-by-Day Calendar

How Can I Help Support the Program?

There are many ways to contribute through time or other resources. Please watch the bulletin and calendar for news and announcements.

Questions Or Suggestions?
General inquiries about Outreach may be directed to committee chair Christine Cole or Rev Jo Forrest.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Outreach event!