Christmas To-Do’s

Dear Friends:

If you are reading this opening letter, you may be in one of the following situations:

A – You have finished all your shopping, card-writing, baking, decorating, and mailing. (Seriously?)

B – You have finished many of the above tasks and are reading this to distract yourself while you consider what you can get done and those things you will just not manage to get done.

C- You are beginning to question why you even tried to do all those things we traditionally think we need to do to prepare for Christmas.

May I add another option?

D – None of the above. You want to light, again, the candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and then the candle of Love, marking the Fourth Sunday in Advent. You are ready to hear afresh the ancient story of God becoming one of us. You are ready to drop all of what you are doing, because none of it matters, and instead kneel at the cradle of a child whose truth and grace has the power to heal our torn world. You are ready to be reminded of just how deeply, deeply, God loves you.

Whether you are here with us at Kenilworth Union Church or out of town with family and friends, may you finish all your Christmas to-do’s in worshipping God.

Rev. Jo Forrest
Associate Minister