We welcome to baptism this Sunday at the 10 a.m. worship, Axl James Smith, son of Tom and Lindsey Smith, and grandson of Ralph and Sallie Smith. The congregation welcomes to baptism on Saturday, July 29,  Penelope Leigh Van Vlack, daughter of Philip and Kate Van Vlack.

We extend the sympathy of the congregation to the family of Doug and Annie Mabie upon the death of Annie’s mother, Lael M. Ravenscroft on July 23.

The Congregation celebrates the July 18 birth of McKinley Hayes Brandtner, daughter of Tom and Kitty Brandtner, and granddaughter of Gregg Walla and Ann Carey; and the June 2 birth of Olivia Catherine Farnsworth, daughter of Ross and Julie Farnsworth, and granddaughter of Don and Jan Farnsworth.