125th Anniversary Invitation

This anniversary is much more than a number. It is a collection of countless moments grounded in faith that have filled the pages of this very special story we have written together as a church community. The Board of Trustees and the 125th Anniversary Committee request the honor of your presence, and your participation as a host as you are able, during our anniversary weekend. Please note the opportunities that follow and be sure to indicate your interest and level of participation as soon as possible.

Tables for Eight dinners have become a tradition at Kenilworth Union Church. These adult potluck dinners are held in a member’s home for approximately eight people for the purpose of getting to know each other better while having a fun and relaxing evening. Please check all that apply.

  • Parents of Wilderness and Centennial classroom confirmation students to come together for this Tables For Eight.

  • What kind of gift is appropriate for such an anniversary? Your presence. Members, neighbors, and friends of this church have given it from the moment the doors opened through today.

    Anniversary Luncheon
    Sunday, November 5
    Kenilworth Club

  • The church is not the building that has graced the corner, but the intricate mosaic of lives that have blossomed from relationship with God through one another. By telling your story, you are telling our story and the story of Christ’s ongoing presence on earth.