The Waters of Baptism

KatieDear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

Water.  We need it to survive.  Humans can live for up to three weeks without food, but only three days without water.  It is essential to our physical being.

Water, unsurprisingly, is also essential to our faith.  Whether you were baptized as a child or an adult, by sprinkling or dunking, in a church or down by the river, it is by water and the Holy Spirit that we are incorporated into the body of Christ.  In the waters of baptism, we are named and claimed by God.

It is easy to be enamored with baptism because the babies are cooing or crying and are a gosh darn adorable gift from God.  But what is it, really, that brings us to the font?  And why does this practice of water and prayer take on such meaning and power in our lives?  What would we do without water?

We will explore this and more, Sunday morning (at 9 a.m. in the centennial room) as part of our Faith Conversation series on Sacraments.

In Christ,
Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate  Minister of Youth and Families