Reverend-Jo-Forrest-2x2Dear Friends,

The apostle Paul named one of the challenges first century Christians faced… “we  do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words.” (Romans 8:26)

I would venture to say, these words ring true today and we could probably add we have become anxious, fearful, and may feel inept about prayer over the past twenty centuries.

We can bow our heads, clasp our hands, close our eyes and yet find ourselves speechless in front of a divine creator who we are told loves us dearly.   Do we need to clasp our hands and close our eyes? How should we start?

Worse yet, we can be put on the spot by others, asked to pray and be expected to pull something out of our mouths on behalf of others that connects us to God.

Here is an idea. Come to a gathering (less intimidating than a class) to imagine (less work than study) how you can pray in ways that will matter to you and God.

The first class on January 25 will be personal communication with God. I will talk with you about the basics.

On February 1, Bill Evertsberg will explore with you scripture’s instructions about prayer.

During the last class on February 8, Katie Lancaster will guide us in praying with children and praying as a family.

God is waiting to hear from you. You probably have something you want to say. Come, join us.

Jo Forrest