Faith and Leadership

We welcome Randy Lewis,  recently retired SVP of Walgreens Supply Chain & Logistics to our April 17 at 7 a.m.,  Faith and Leadership meeting where we will continue to explore Christian values in the workplace, community and home.

Peace Corps volunteer, Arthur Murray dance instructor, Fortune 50 senior exec and accidental advocate. He is founder of the Nogwog Fund and the executive chairman of the Global Disability Hiring Alliance whose mission is to help employers launch and complete successful disability hiring pilots.

Believing that people with disabilities could do more, he pioneered a disability employment model in its distribution centers that resulted in ten percent of its workforce consisting of people with disabilities (1,000+). It is changing the lives of thousands and serving as a model for other employers in the U.S. and abroad including large employers such as P&G, Lowe’s, Best Buy, UPS and Marks & Spencer.

Randy-NOGWOG-3D-book-cover-copyIn his new book, No Greatness Without Goodness, he tells the story of what led him to attempt something that had never been attempted anywhere in the world and how he was able to enlist the help of hundreds to make it a reality. It is the story of how one father changed a company and launched a movement.